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 It’s not simply the winning purity of her voice; it’s the depth of her emotions and the wide range of her musical affections. Swing comes naturally to her, but so does beautiful enunciation, convincing phrasing, a deep love of both the original melody and the lyrics.

- Michael Steinman, JAZZLIVES

Mimi Terris

Mimi Terris

\\ Biography //


Mimi Terris debut album ”They say it’s spring” was released in 2012 and got wonderful reviews by the critics. In her 2015 album ”Flytta hemifrån” she brings new life to Swedish retro jazz, and shares a poetic and tragicomical view of life when it suddenly doesn’t go exactly according to plan. You can hear a subtle influence from icons such as Ulla Billquist, Alice Babs, Monica Zetterlund and Olle Adolphson, and Terris’ timbre moves with ease through swing, bossa nova, traditional music and blues brings life to a genre which for so long have been “slumbering” in our Swedish vinyl collections – as well as in our hearts. You can not help it but be swept away by the swing jazzy sensibility of this wonderful singer from Malmö- Mimi Terris and her compositions. A mature, elegant tone is heard in these songs, written 2014.



Lives in //

Scania, Sweden

Genre //

Jazz, Swedish jazz, swing jazz

Active since //


Sounds like //

Retrojazz, Ulla Billquist, Monica Zetterlund

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Label //

Calibrated Records


\\ 2012-present //

2012 They say it's spring, Calibrated Records {DK}


2015 Flytta Hemifrån, Calibrated Records, {DK}




\\ video //


\\ about Mimi //

Mimi Terris new album is all in all a thoughtful, wild & crazy and completely wonderful project. On top of being totally original. The Malmö artist took with her debut album in 2013 directly as one of the nation's premier and most personal jazz singers.

- Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan


On her new album Flytta Hemifrån Mimi Terris has created her own niche in Swedish vocal jazz. Yes, it is as if she places the whole Swedish female vocal jazz history in the present. 

- Bengt Eriksson, LIRA

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Calibrated Music //

Peter Kehl :, 004540967666



Mimi Terris:, 0046(0)735445102



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